Engaging Beginner Band Students: My First Year Back in 4 Years!

Engaging Beginner Band Students: My First Year Back in 4 Years! Welcome back to school, music educators! This year marks my first time teaching beginner band in four years, and I couldn’t be more excited. One of the most important steps in starting a new school year with beginner band students is getting to know […]

5 Rhythm Games for your Elementary Music Classroom

Rhythm dice for rhythm games

Are your elementary school music students struggling with rhythm reading? The best way to make your lesson plans engaging is always to make them fun – which is why these 5 rhythm games make great teaching tools!

Setting Expectations When Teaching Ukulele

Before teaching students how to play the ukulele, it is important to first establish clear expectations and routines to help maximize their success. Learning to play the ukulele can engage a lot of excitement in the classroom, so you want to ensure that your music students have clear instructions to be attentive and respectful.

Organizing Ukuleles in Your Music Classroom

An image of ukuleles organized and numbered in magazine cardboard holders

Organizing Ukuleles in Your Music Classroom Just starting to teach ukulele? You’ll quickly realize that organizing your ukuleles in your music classroom can be a battle. You need a storage solution that keeps them tucked away, keeps them from getting damaged, and still keeps them accessible to your music students. Any music classroom, regardless of […]

How to Teach Beginner Ukulele

An image of a ukulele

How to Teach Beginner Ukulele Looking to teach beginner ukulele to your music students? It’s a great way for them to learn some practical application of music theory. If you’re not sure where to start, check out my Ukulele Beginner Basics Music Program. This printable (and distance learning friendly) music resource is the perfect, no-prep beginner […]

Five Fun Music Games for Teaching Rhythm

Rhythm Game dice

Five Fun Music Games for Teaching Rhythm One of the most important jobs we have as music teachers is to teach our students to develop a strong sense of rhythm in music. When teaching rhythm in music, it’s not enough to repeat a single rhythm exercise. Repetition is key, but it needs to be the […]

Movie Soundtrack Analysis – Home Alone

Cover of Musical Analysis of the movie soundtrack Home Alone

Movie Soundtrack Analysis: Home Alone Do you need one more “last week before the holidays” activity?⁣ I don’t know about you, but I’m tired and ready for a break!  Lucky for you, I’m offering a great no prep, printable movie soundtrack analysis activity that is sure to engage your students before winter break. Bonus – it’s […]

Resources for Teaching Soundscapes

Teaching Soundscapes: ‘Nighttime Symphony’ and @musicroomreads Music class lesson plans can be heavy on music theory and math. But just as important (and sometimes harder to teach) are the artistic elements of music. Teaching soundscapes and other abstract concepts expands students’ definition of music. See the soundscape teaching resources below to get your students listening […]

Teaching Rhythm Composition with Picture Books

Rhythm Composition with Syllables and Picture Book Lesson

Teaching Rhythm Composition with Picture Books   I love incorporating picture books into my elementary music lessons. How? By teaching rhythm composition with syllables. I give my students opportunities to compose rhythms inspired by the stories we read together. There are so many stories that include rhythmic text, percussive words and rhymes – the perfect […]