So you want to teach your music students how to play the ukulele? You’ve come to the right place!

Check out my Ukulele Beginner Basics Music Program.

This printable and distance learning music resource is the perfect, no-prep beginner guide for your students and includes:

  • Basic theory student pages
  • Anatomy of the ukulele 
  • How to hold the ukulele
  • Order of the strings
  • How to read tab, notes, chord charts, and strum patterns
  • Sheet music warmup pages
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Check out the following breakdown of tips and resources that will help kick-start teaching ukulele in your music classroom.


1. Set Clear Rules and Expectations

Before you can start teaching your music students how to play the ukulele, it is important to first establish clear expectations and routines to set your students up for success.

Here are some things to think about that will help prepare your students:

  • Who will tune the ukuleles?
  • Will students be assigned a numbered ukulele?
  • What does setup or cleanup look like?
  • What do your students do when they enter or exit the music room?

Teaching these routines will serve as a strong foundation in helping your ukulele class run much more smoothly.

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 2. Instrument Basics

Want a quick way to assess students’ understanding of the parts of the ukulele? 

Check out this Ukulele Anatomy Music Worksheet and Quiz.

This is a great printable and distance learning music resource that helps to teach the anatomy of the ukulele, including how to properly hold and care for the instrument.

3. Teach Plucking or Strumming

You may choose to have your students learn how to pluck a melody on the ukulele, how to strum, or both!
Regardless of what you choose, you can incorporate a warmup on the open strings or with 1-2 changing chords to start.
Check out these resources that come with printable pages that will help your music students review the correct hand positions at a glance:

4. Teach Theory Fundamentals Through Playing

As your music students learn how to play the ukulele, you can also intertwine theory concepts such as rhythm and duration, time signature, dynamics, and articulation. 


5. Provide opportunities to play and have fun


Once you have set up the foundations of your class, give your students plenty of opportunities to practice and play their ukulele (this is the part that is the most fun!). 

Whether it is through whole class instruction, practicing in partners, or performing in small groups, these opportunities will allow your students to fully immerse themselves in learning, while having some fun along the way!


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6. Beginner Ukulele Bundle

If you found the above tips and resources helpful, check out this Ukulele Mega Bundle for the Music Classroom, where you can get all the resources mentioned at a 20% discount. This bundle includes:

  • Ukulele Beginner Basics Music Program
  • Ukulele Anatomy Worksheet and Student Assessment
  • Ukulele Performance Rubric and Student Self-Assessments
  • Ukulele Chord Posters
  • Ukulele Note Posters
An image of the Ukulele Mega Bundle resource

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