3 Music Projects for Middle School Students

Are you trying to find engaging project-based learning activities for your middle school music students? Personally, I want my students to deepen their skills as music makers, critical thinkers, and problem solvers when they spend time in my music classroom. 

Opportunities for playing and performance are important. But that has proven difficult with the current pandemic, and is not the only aspect that should be taught in our music programs.

I have many goals for my music students. I want to provide my students with:

  • A well-rounded music education
  • Opportunities to actively include their thoughts, ideas and interests in our music lessons
  • A safe space to feel like they are at the centre of their own learning

Ultimately, I want my students to have choice and ownership in their learning as they gain a better understanding of how music relates to them, how they can utilize music throughout their everyday lives, and the impact of music within our world.

music projects for middle school music students - french bundle pack

We should strive for our lessons to feel relevant, relatable and important to our students.

Not sure how to do that? No problem! Here are three no prep middle school music projects that your students are guaranteed to love:

Students will choose and critically discuss an important topic of their choice within the music industry. Students will be asked to develop a topic, research, create an episode outline, podcast channel, and finally record a podcast episode. Topic ideas can range from racism within the music industry, the importance of music in schools, connecting music and mental health, and more. 

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Students are asked to reflect and respond to how music is used within our society, and how music deeply impacts our lives and everyday experiences. Students choose one song that has had an impact on our society and are asked to create a poster representing their song, write a paragraph outlining the impact of this song and discuss how musical elements are used to express the meaning of their chosen song.

Music projects for middle school students - Meaning in music poster project resource pack

Students will be asked to create a variety of musical playlist to represent the different feelings/moods they experience. Students will create and analyze playlists that they can use to critically think about how they can use music within their own lives, as well as have an opportunity to better understand and process their feelings through strategies that involve music.

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music projects for middle school students - soundtrack of my life

And there you have it! Three highly engaging music projects I know your middle school students will love. Have fun!


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