Back To School BUNDLE for Beginning Band Teachers


Get the resources you need for a successful start to school in the middle school music classroom! This bundle includes a variety of resources to set up your classroom and get to know your band students at the beginning of the year.

This bundle includes:

1) Back To School ‘Getting To Know Your’ Package

  • Get to know your students, their musical experience and preferred instrument choices quickly and effectively with this printable “Getting To Know You” student packet! With two packets designed for either beginning band students or returning band students, this packet includes fillable pages for instrument selection, student’s musical preferences and interests, past musical experiences, preferred learning style, and a letter to the teacher.

2) Beginner Band Student Mentorship Task

  • Do you have a combo class with brand new AND returning band students? Give your returning band students an opportunity to demonstrate a leadership role by mentoring a new music student playing the same instrument! This resource outlines the major steps of assembling and practicing the correct embouchure when starting out on a new instrument. By allowing your returning band students to guide your new students at the very start, you the teacher have the opportunity to walk around and give small group instruction for each instrument within your band.

3) Music Room Instrument Sign-Out Sheets & Weekly Schedule Templates

  • Printable templates for an easy and effective instrument sign-out system. Includes sign-out tracking sheets for band instruments, recorder, ukulele, and more!

4) Music Student Practice Logs

  • 11 practice log templates for students to effectively track their practice time

5) Music Note Flashcards (with sharps and flats)

  • These printable flashcards include 30 treble and 30 bass clef notes, to help students practice identifying notes in the treble and bass clef.

6) Back To School Bingo Card

  • Looking to have a fun and engaging first day of music? This bingo card is a great back to school activity to allow your students a fun way to review and practice musical concepts with a fun icebreaker!

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