Beginner Band Student Mentor Assignment for the Music Classroom


Do you have returning band students AND brand new band students simultaneously in your music classroom? Combo classes can be challenging, especially in middle school band and the early days of picking up a new instrument. If you are unsure how to keep both your returners and newbies engaged while still instilling strong habits in the band room, this is the PERFECT way to start!

Give your returning band students an opportunity to demonstrate a leadership role by mentoring a new music student playing the same instrument! This resource outlines the major steps of assembling and practicing the correct embouchure when starting out on a new instrument. By allowing your returning band students to guide your new students at the very start, you the teacher have the opportunity to walk around and give small group instruction for each instrument within your band.

This task outlines some initial steps when beginning to learn a band instrument. All pages are printable and require no additional prep. All instructions are given on the student handouts, allowing your students to work collaboratively and independently by following the steps on the worksheet.

This product includes:

  • 1 page teacher guide
  • 1 page handout for mentor (returning band student)
  • 1 page handout for mentee (new band student)