Cover Song Comparison – Elements of Music Listening Task FREEBIE


Teach your students to listen for and identify musical elements with this “Original Song vs Cover Song” listening task. Students will be asked to compare and contrast two versions of the same song (the original version and a cover version) by describing the musical elements, mood, and lyrics.

First, choose two versions of the same song. One version will be the original, and the other version will be a cover version by a different artist. A brief summary of the musical elements is listed at the bottom of the page, to help students identify what they are listening for and specific musical language they can use to describe what they hear.

Next, play the two versions of the song for your students. Have them complete the chart as they listen. Encourage them to think about each individual element and describe it in their notes.

Lastly, take up the answers with students. You may wish to re-listen to sections of each song to help students hear the specific elements being described through your discussion.

This template is meant to be used over and over again, to compare any two songs! This assignment is a great way for students to choose a song of their choice and analyze how musical elements can change the mood and intention of the same song.

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