Create a Music-Themed Podcast for the Music Classroom


This ‘Create a Music Podcast’ intro lesson and project outline gives students the opportunity to research and create a unique music podcast episode based on a topic of their choosing! Students will be asked to develop a music related topic, research, create an episode outline, podcast channel, and finally record a podcast episode. With podcast listening templates, music-related podcast examples, teacher tips, and a step-by-step project guide, this assignment will be sure to engage your students by integrating music education with digital media literacy whether you are in-class or through distance learning. Get your music students critically discussing important topics within music through this podcast assignment!

This resource includes:

  • Curated list of music-related podcasts suitable for students of all ages
  • 3 differentiated podcast listening response worksheets
  • ‘Create A Music Podcast Episode’ Project – includes step-by-step instructions for students and multiple options for graphic organizers as students brainstorm their podcast topic, research, form their own opinion, develop an episode outline, design their podcast channel, and record their podcast
  • Rubric for teacher assessment
  • BONUS Podcast Listening Centre poster and Write a Podcast Review worksheet
  • ‘How To Implement Podcasts in Your Classroom’ Teacher Tips and Student Recording Schedule template for teachers

Please note: some suggestions regarding how students can record their podcast are included, however it is up to the classroom teacher to decide which technology and recording software is available and best suited for your students to use.

This is an excellent project-based learning opportunity for your students to critically think about and discuss a musical topic of their choice. A rubric is also included for assessment, with a success criteria checklist that students can refer too while completing the assignment and before they submit.

Purchase of this product includes 2 versions of this assignment: a printable PDF and a Google Slides version, that is intended to be used on Google Apps such as Google Slides and Google Classroom. A ‘Google Classroom Help’ guide is also included to help answer any questions you may have regarding uploading the product correctly for your students.

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