Daily Whiteboard Prompts for the Music Classroom BUNDLE

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Use this bundle of music-themed whiteboard prompts as an engaging “Minds On” activity to start off each music class. Get your students engaged and discussing music with these relevant and exciting conversation starters. Use one paperless prompt each class, with enough prompts to last the entire year! With 100+ prompts available through PowerPoint, Google slides, JPEG and through PDF, you can consistently maintain this musical routine within your physical classroom or throughout distance learning. Add this musical routine to your music classroom and allow your students to engage in rich discussions, as well as make meaningful connections to a variety of musical pieces.

This bundle includes:

1) Music-Themed Whiteboard Prompts

  • 64 relevant and music-related discussion starters

2) Song of the Day Prompts for the Music Classroom

  • 32 engaging prompts (+9 blank templates) that allow students to listen and discuss a variety of songs from a range of artists, time periods, and musical genres.

Prompt trackers are available, with an overview of all available prompts that are formatted as an organizational tool for the teacher.

These messages are a simple and easy way for your students to discuss music, explore a variety of musical artists and genres, reflect on music in their own lives, think about themselves and their own learning, set goals, reflect on their own musical interests and reflect on how music is used within the world around them.

The 100+ prompts are available in the following formats:

  • Google slides
  • Powerpoint slides
  • PDF file
  • JPEG images

All 100+ prompts are available in multiple formats, so that you can use the one that works best for you 🙂 The goal of this resource to assist with consistent routines in the music classroom regardless of whether you are teaching in class or through distance learning.