Figurative Language and Song Lyrics


Your students will LOVE learning about figurative language by reading and analyzing these popular song lyrics! With these no prep, printable worksheets and cumulative task, students will be able to identify figurative language in song lyrics and have an opportunity to write their own lyrics while applying their knowledge! Looking for a cross-curricular music and language unit? This is a super fun and engaging way to integrate figurative language and popular music within your classroom!

Students will learn about:

  • similes
  • metaphors
  • hyperbole
  • alliteration
  • personification
  • idioms

This resource includes:

  • 7 student worksheets: includes overview page and one page per figurative language. Each worksheet allows students to identify a figurative language technique in popular song lyrics, and gives them an opportunity to write on their own using that figurative language technique.
  • Answer keys for the worksheets
  • Cumulative task: students will apply their knowledge of figurative language to write their own lyrics using a topic of choice. Includes pages for brainstorming, rough copy, good copy, and a rubric for teacher assessment.

This assignment is formatted as a secure PDF. It is an independent work packet and not yet formatted specifically for Google classroom.