Genres of Music BUNDLE

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Are you teaching the genres of music within your music classroom? These two resources included no prep, step-by-step introductory lessons and projects that are perfect for your middle school music students. Both products help you teach a variety of musical genres, and the musical elements within each genre, but offer two different cumulative project options that work perfectly if you are teaching face-to-face, online or both!

This bundle includes:

1) Genres of Music – Intro Lesson and Digital Project

2) Soundtrack of my Life – Musical Genres Project

In the Soundtrack of my Life – Musical Genres Project, students will be asked to:

  • Choose a genre of music to research and explore in greater detail, including place of origin, time period, key musical characteristics and notable artists
  • Create a playlist of songs that represent the chosen genre of music
  • Choose 1 song from their playlist to analyze and describe the elements of music
  • Create cover art, a visual representation of the music they hear

The Musical Genres Intro Lesson and Digital Project includes:

1.Introduction to Musical Genres

  • Kahoot game link
  • What Is A Musical Genre? Printable Student Page
  • Genre of Music – Intro Task
  • Elements of Music Printable Student Page
  • Genre of Music – Elements of Music Analysis Worksheet

2.Genres of Music Presentation Project

  • Assignment Outline
  • 2 rubrics (one with presentation expectation, one without) – gives the option to assess an oral presentation or only assess the project
  • Project planning pages

Rubrics are also included with each project for assessment, including a success criteria checklist that students can refer too while completing the assignment and before they submit.

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