HomeWorks Grade 1 Printable At Home Learning Program


Printable 1st Grade At-Home Learning Program

Need high-quality teaching resources for your child in grade 1? Want to facilitate at home learning with zero prep or planning? Then this ready-to-use, 1-week program is perfect for you.

HomeWorks Grade 1 by Teach From The Stage

HomeWorks Grade 1 program, designed by licensed teachers, provides a pre-planned daily itinerary for 1 week that touches on a variety of subject areas including math, literacy, fitness, and mindfulness. It offers an assortment of templates for you to choose from, enabling you to create a custom schedule that caters to you and your child’s needs.

This program features printable lesson plans, workbooks, and teaching resources for busy parents who need easy-to-follow, yet engaging material that fosters imagination and creativity for their kids. Our 1 week program provides an enriching educational experience to help kids flourish and feel less overwhelmed in an at-home learning environment.

This printable program includes 75+ pages of:

  • Daily 6+ hour itineraries
  • Levelled math workbook
  • Reading and writing
  • Creative thinking
  • Music, movement, and reflection
  • Parent guide and answer keys
  • Brain break activities