HomeWorks Preschool Printable At Home Learning Program


Printable Pre-K Program for At Home Learning to Help Your Child Get Ready for Kindergarten

Are you struggling to prepare your child for kindergarten? Don’t have the time or resources to create a meaningful learning path for them? Then this pre-kindergarten program is perfect for you.

HomeWorks Pre-Kindergarten by Teach From The Stage

HomeWorks Pre-Kindergarten is a first-class, early development program designed by licensed teachers to help parents facilitate at-home learning with their kids. This program features printable lesson plans, workbooks, and teaching resources for busy parents who need easy-to-follow, yet engaging material that promotes early childhood development.

Get your child ready for kindergarten from the comfort of your home and kick-start the development of important skills including math, literacy, motor, and social-emotional learning. We believe our kids are the building blocks of the future and it’s never too early to start learning!

This printable program includes 130+ pages of:

  • Parent Guide
  • Program Overview (with key concepts)
  • Skill development workbook (writing name, correctly holding a pencil, practicing using scissors, etc.)
  • Movement card
  • Math workbook
  • Math activity ideas for at home-learning
  • Letter sound booklet
  • Writing workbook
  • Language activity ideas for at home
  • Feelings Journal: social-emotional learning skills