‘I Have, Who Has’ Rhythm Reading Game BUNDLE

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This ‘I Have, Who Has?’ rhythm reading activity includes 8 sets of game cards (224 cards). Print the cards or play with your students using the Google Slides¬†version with your elementary or middle school music students.

Each game card set includes:

  • 28 rhythm cards (4 per page) to print – 1 set with numbers in the corner & 1 set without numbers in the corner, to cue students if needed
  • 28 rhythm cards (1 per page) to print
  • 28 rhythm cards (1 per page) on Google Slides
  • all sets available as JPEG images

Rhythm concepts included are:

  • quarter note / ta
  • quarter rest / rest
  • eighth notes / titi
  • eighth rest / rest
  • eighth note-quarter note-eighth note / syn co pa
  • half note / too
  • half rest / rest
  • sixteenth notes / tika tika

Game cards use a variety of rhythms and are notated using standard notation. With 8 sets of this ‘I Have, Who Has?’ game, differentiate for different grade levels and learners when practicing specific rhythmic concepts in your music classroom.

Purchase of this product includes 2 versions of the resource: a printable PDF and a Google Slides version, that is intended to be used on Google Apps such as Google Slides and Google Classroom. A ‘Google Classroom Help’ guide is also included to help answer any questions you may have regarding uploading the product correctly for your students.