Middle School Music Project BUNDLE

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This bundle includes:

1) Soundtrack of my Life – Elements of Music Analysis Project for Middle School

2) Create a Music-Themed Podcast – Podcasting for the Music Classroom

3) Meaning In Music – Intro Lesson & Poster Assignment for Middle School

4) Musical Genres Intro Lesson and Digital Project

These musical projects will be sure to engage your students! This resource includes both a ready-to-print package AND a Google slides versionĀ of each project. In each project, students are able engage in project-based learning to critically think about and discuss a musical topic of their choice, reflect on how music affects them and the world around them.

In the Soundtrack of my Life – Elements of Music Analysis Project, students will be asked to:

  • Create a playlist of songs that represent themselves
  • Choose 1 song from their playlist to conduct an in-depth analysis of the elements of music
  • Complete a written component, where students will explain the mood of the piece, any visuals that come to mind, and why they chose this song (using their explanation of the elements of music to support their reasoning)
  • Create cover art to express the music they hear through a visual representation

The Create a Music-Themed Podcast – Podcasting for the Music Classroom Project includes:

  • Curated list of music-related podcasts suitable for students of all ages
  • 3 differentiated podcast listening response worksheets
  • ‘Create A Music Podcast Episode’ Project – includes step-by-step instructions for students and multiple options for graphic organizers as students brainstorm their podcast topic, research, form their own opinion, develop an episode outline, design their podcast channel, and record their podcast
  • Rubric for teacher assessment
  • BONUS Podcast Listening Centre poster and Write a Podcast Review worksheet
  • ‘How To Implement Podcasts in Your Classroom’ Teacher Tips and Student Recording Schedule template for teachers

The Meaning In Music – Intro Lesson & Poster Assignment includes:

– Introduction Lesson & Teacher Answer Key, with suggestions of potential student responses

– Meaning In Music Poster Assignment, where students will be asked to choose one song that has had an impact on our society. Students will be asked to create a poster representing their song, and write a paragraph outlining the impact of this song including how 3 musical elements are used to express the meaning of their chosen song. The assignment includes:

  • Poster Assignment Instructions & Rubric
  • Song Idea Brainstorm
  • Brainstorming/Planning Pages (for poster design and paragraph writing)
  • Poster & Paragraph Final Copy Template

– Extension Activity: Listening Response Worksheet

The Musical Genres Intro Lesson and Digital Project includes:

  1. Introduction to Musical Genres
  • Kahoot game link
  • What Is A Musical Genre? Printable Student Page
  • Genre of Music Intro Task
  • Elements of Music Printable Student Page
  • Genre of Music Elements of Music Analysis Worksheet

2. Genres of Music Presentation Project

  • Assignment Outline
  • 2 rubrics (one with presentation expectation, one without) – gives the option to assess an oral presentation or only assess the project
  • Project planning pages

Rubrics are also included with each project for assessment, including a success criteria checklist that students can refer too while completing the assignment and before they submit.

Purchase of this product includes 2 versions of the resource: a printable PDF and a Google Slides version, that is intended to be used on Google Apps such as Google Slides and Google Classroom. A ‘Google Classroom Help’ guide is also included to help answer any questions you may have regarding uploading the product correctly for your students.

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