Music Listening and Song Analysis BUNDLE for Lower to Upper Elementary

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Are you a music teacher who teaches multiple grade levels? Looking for differentiated music listening and song analysis activities for ALL your students, from lower to upper elementary? This is the perfect bundle to add to your program! With practice worksheets, cumulative tasks and assessment rubrics, this bundle includes everything you need to teach a music listening unit to ALL your students!

This bundle includes:

1) Lower Elementary – Music Listening Worksheets

  • 15 differentiated music listening response worksheets for lower elementary. Students will listen to a musical selection and then respond by circling the tempo, dynamic, how the music made them feel, and a space to draw a picture that represents the music they hear. This resource includes 3 differentiated music listening worksheet templates for 15 song selections that cover a variety of artists and musical genres, as well as blank templates.

2) Middle School – Soundtrack of my Life

  • Students create a playlist of songs that represent themselves. Then, students choose 1 song from their playlist to conduct an in-depth analysis of the elements of music, complete a written component explaining the mood of the piece, any visuals that come to mind, and why they chose this song (using their explanation of the elements of music to support their reasoning). Finally, students create cover art to express the music they hear through a visual representation. Rubric for assessment is included.

3) Upper Elementary – Song Analysis Assignment

  • Students will be asked to choose 1 song that is meaningful to them, that they will analyze for the deeper meaning and make connections to within their own lives. This 3-page assignment includes 2 pages for student responses, a list of song ideas for students who may be stuck, and a checklist for assessment purposes.