Music Student Profile – Back To School Package for Middle School Band Students


Are you starting off the new school year with brand new band students? Want to get to know your students, their musical experience and preferred instrument choices quickly and effectively? Start off the year right with a printable “Getting To Know You” student packet that will help you get to know your beginner middle school band students!

This product includes two 6-page Music Student Profile packages. One package is for students new to learning a band instrument. The other package is for returning band students.

The Music Student Profile package includes:

  • Cover Page: students can design a title page with words/images representing their musical selves.
  • Getting To Know You pages: students can share information about themselves including past musical experiences, musical interests, and preferred learning styles.
  • Letter To My Teacher: An opportunity for students to write about their musical goals for the year. This could include their own expectations as music students, what they are looking forward to this year in music and anything else they wish to share with their teacher in confidence
  • NEW band students have a page that allows them to specify their preferred instrument choices in band class. RETURNING band students have an opportunity to establish the instrument they have previously learned in band. (great for music teachers new to a school!)

Why Purchase?

Whether you are a new or returning music teacher, these student work packages are highly effective in getting to know your students quickly and effectively. They are a great transition at the start of the school year and offer valuable student info to the teacher to help you plan your band for the year ahead. This resource is a must-have for anyone in a music classroom!

The purchase of this product includes 2 versions of this assignment. The first is a printable PDF that is a printable packet. There is also a Google Slide version, which is intended to be used on Google Apps such as Google Slides and Google Classroom. A ‘Google Classroom Help’ guide is also included to help answer any questions you may have regarding uploading the product correctly for your students.