Music Word Wall – Watercolor Decor (Alphabetical)

Music Room Word Wall Decor – Alphabetical

With so many musical words and terminology, a music word wall is essential for your music classroom! This beautiful watercolor decor set includes 186+ music vocab words, organized alphabetically. All words come 4 per page and 1 per page. This resource also includes a Musical Word List overview, to help you see all vocabulary words at a glance.

Included in this set are words from the following categories:

  • Note Values
  • Rests
  • Common Musical Symbols (i.e. staccato, repeat sign, etc)
  • Tempo
  • Time Signature/Metre
  • Dynamics
  • Elements of Song (i.e. ostinato, unison, etc)
  • Instrument Families
  • Melody & Harmony
  • Ensemble Performers (i.e. solo, duet, etc)
  • Accidentals
  • Solfege Syllables
  • General Music Terms (i.e. timbre, compose, etc)
  • Several blank cards (4 per page or 1 per page) to write in your own vocabulary words as needed

*FOR DISTANCE LEARNING* All 186 music words (4 words per page and 1 word per page) are available in the following formats:

  • Printable PDF File
  • JPEG images

Want your word wall organized by musical category? Get the category set here

Did I miss a word? Email me at and let me know! I will add it to the set 🙂

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