Roll A Rhythm: Music Rhythm Reading Dice Game


Your music students will have fun playing this rhythm-reading dice game! Give students 1 of the 8 Roll-A-Rhythm game cards (laminate or put in a plastic pouch to make the cards reusable). Each player rolls two dice. Match the number on the dice with the number for each box on the card. Clap the rhythm in the box. If the rhythm is clapped correctly, that player gets a point.

This set includes 8 different Roll-A-Rhythm cards, for differentiation and so they can be used for multiple grade levels. The Roll-A-Rhythm cards range in difficulty from easy to challenging, and include specific rhythmic concepts on each card for scaffolding. A variety of rhythms and note durations are included, such as:

  • quarter notes and rests
  • half notes and rests
  • whole notes and rests
  • eighth notes
  • sixteenth notes
  • dotted quarter notes and rests
  • dotted half notes and rests

This is a fun, engaging and hands-on way for students to develop and strengthen their musical skills through play, collaboration and games! With differentiated levels and rhythmic concepts included, this is a must-have resource for any general music teacher!