Soundtrack of my Life – Music Throughout the Decades


This Soundtrack of my Life – Music Throughout the Decades project will be sure to engage your students! This resource includes both a ready-to-print package AND a Google slides version of the project.

Students will be asked to:

  • Choose a decade (i.e. 20s, 70s, etc) of music to research and explore in greater detail, including historical events, key musical characteristics and notable artists and events from this time period.
  • Create a playlist of songs that are most representative of the music from that time period. Students will include the title of song, artist, and the year the song was released.
  • Choose 1 song from their playlist to analyze and describe the elements of music.
  • Create cover art, a visual representation of the music they hear.

This project is a great way for students to analyze the elements of music and explore music they may have never heard before from a different time period.

A rubric is also included for assessment, with a success criteria checklist that students can refer too while completing the assignment and before they submit.

Purchase of this product includes 2 versions of this assignment. There is a printable PDF as well as Google Slides version, that is intended to be used on Google Apps such as Google Slides and Google Classroom. A ‘Google Classroom Help’ guide is also included to help answer any questions you may have regarding uploading the product correctly for your students.